According to Freddie Mac data, mortgage rates in the USA are still about 1.25% below end of last year (2018) rates. In other words, a 10% down, $350,000 home’s monthly mortgage payment is about $200 per month less expensive than it was last year. For this reason, this year multiple homeowners have refinanced.



Bitcoin is referred to as a cryptocurrency, a virtual currency or a digital currency. It is completely virtual. There are no physical notes or coins for this type of money.

por José Durán, Nov 05, 2019

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The Top 10 Business Techs Developed in the Last Five Years

Tech innovations have fundamentally changed business industries in the last five year.

por Veronica Cabello, Aug 13, 2019

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Visa Fintech

How does it work? The Client scans the business’ QR code, writes the amount of money to be paid and a SMS is sent to the business employee confirming the payment has been completed.

por , Aug 12, 2019

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Alliance Capital Bank

Alliance Capital Bank RRSS



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