Tech innovations have fundamentally changed business industries in the last five year. The following are the most important changes:

1) 5G: The most radical generation of mobile communications. Its main objectives are:

  • Data volumes increase up to 1000 times move.
  • Transit time is reduced in 5x.
  • Devices amount rise from 10 to 100x including IoT.
  • Energy consumption is reduces in 10x
  • 100% of network (a questionable point that will change the world).

2) Adaptable Security: Security innovation allows businesses to foresee and protect themselves from threats. Tom Corn, security director of VMware calls this “the advantage of playing in your own field.” You can read more about this in “The Rising Costs of Cybersecurity Breaches”.

3) Blockchain: This is one of the most innovative techs as it transforms the supply chain and financial services world.

4) Predictive Analysis based on Learning: Innovative businesses integrate the AI analysis in many softwares which help them to use data records to predict future behaviors. This is the most successful business innovations that we have seen in the last 5 years. One example of this is predicting end-user preferences and data breaches.

5) Digital workspace: End-user tech got better because of digital workspace. According to Forbes Magazine – “This is the end of the business mobility trend which has evolved from individual and business team productivity to the real transformation of business processes pushing companies from all industries to reinvent themselves. The digital workspace empowers employees and can be only possible through the transition of hardware-centric business to a software-centric business.”

6) Peripheral Computing: Peripheral computing is a great example of the accelerate path of tech today. It is growing very fast and fostering changes in business IT and the digital transformations from within. Peripheral computing is not just about managing devices but about trying to make apps safe and connect them with users and resources.

7) Automated Learning: New techs have brought to surface the automated learning. From CRM softwares to network management, automated learning is present in all aspects of the business.

8) Augmented Reality: Who doesn’t remember the attention in augmented reality created from Pokémon Go? Despite not being adopted right away by businesses this is in fact something that can bring great benefits to them. The benefits include helping industrial mechanics to operate without using hands, making it possible to conduct virtual trainings, to improve patient care and deliver innovative experiences in the retail industry.

9) Virtual Network in Cloud: VMware NSK made possible for the creation of virtual networks through Clouds which bring the following benefits:

  • The Cloud network allows you to run the same set of services across monitors.
  • Automation of services such as maintenance.
  • Integrated security.

10) Xaas: This new reality for business and their leaders helps increase efficiency, allowing for new incomes and growing opportunities.